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2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the 'Connoisseurs Choice' range created by whisky visionary, George Urquhart, second generation of the family that still own Gordon & MacPhail. Urquhart brought the single malt category into prominence at a time when 99% of all Scotch whiskies were sold as Blends. In 1968, the total export value of all Scotch single malts was less than £3million. Releasing the single malts as a range effectively invented a new market category and paved the way for the Single Malt category and provided a platform for many of Scotland’s distilleries who previously never before released any single malts. In 2017, the equivalent figure had grown to more than £1.1 Billion.

This was also the legendary range that inspired the famous whisky writers like Michael Jackson (The Malt Whisky Companion), Jim Murray (Whisky Bible) and many others. Gordon & MacPhail continues to be the curators of Scotland’s liquid library – the world’s most diverse stock of single malt whiskies. When you are enjoying the new Connoisseurs Choice range, you are truly experiencing a piece of whisky history.

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