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Personalised Fabien Jouves Haute Cot(e) de Fruit Cahors 2021 13% 750ml

Personalised Fabien Jouves Haute Côt(e) de Fruit Cahors 2021 13% 750ml

Fabien Jouves grew up in the Causse (Massif Central), where Malbec (Côt) is king. Each plot of Fabien's vineyard, located at the junction of the Quercy and Cahors terroirs, expresses different aspects of Malbec. This is reinforced by biodynamic viticulture practised since 2011 and certified with Demeter/Biodyvin, which Fabien believes pays respect to life, plant, man and his environment. Winemaking is carried out naturally without oenological inputs, in concrete vats, barrels and casks according to each wines' personality.

Variety: Malbec
Region: Cahors, France
Winemaker: Fabien Jouves

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