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Poor Toms Imbroglio 25% 500ml

Poor Toms Imbroglio 25% 500ml

With Imbroglio--Poor Tom's new bitter/sweet Amaro Australiano--the lads have paid rude homage to Italy's famous aperitivo, Campari.

We say rude because, well, they've gone and outdone the original! Big statement, but have a sip of Imbroglio and tell us we're wrong!

Just like Campari, this delicious concoction (Imbroglio is an Italian word meaning a confused or complicated situation) is right at home in a Negroni, a spritz, or straight over ice. How did they do it? The Poor Toms alchemists have individually distilled Seville orange and mandarin, plus ten more familiar gin ingredients--including juniper and gentian root. Into this mix they've added 13 steeped herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Wormwood, rhubarb root and marshmallow root bring the requisite bitter notes, while beetroot, rhubarb and hibiscus create the familiar colour. In the words of its creators, "the ensuing calamity is a fresh, herbaceous frenzy that will make you forget whether you're coming or going." Quite true. Now you can get to work on an all Australian Negroni, or take a leaf out of Poor Toms book and serve 45ml of Imbroglio, topped up with a local Pét-Nat and garnished with a sprig of thyme and an orange slice. The future's bright. The future's Imbroglio.

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