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Woodford Reserve Malt and Crystal Whisky Glass Set Gift Hamper Box 700ml 45.2% ABV

Woodford Reserve Malt and Glass Set Gift Hamper Box 700ml 45.2% ABV

Gift set Includes
  • Woodford Reserve Malt 700ml
  • Luigi Bormioli Bach Whisky Crystal Glass - 2 Pack
  • Gift Box

Woodford Reserve Malt 45.2% 700ml

Unlike a typical 100% malt whiskey, Woodford Reserve is a Kentucky Straight Malt Whiskey crafted from 51% malt and aged in new charred oak barrels, making it the malt whiskey for bourbon drinkers. The base of 51% malt results in a whiskey that is richly flavorful and complex and amplifies the nutty characteristics found in the original Woodford Reserve. “Inspired by history and a desire to make the best tasting whiskies in the world, Woodford Reserve is charting its own unique path with this new malt whiskey based on historical precedence and our commitment to flavor, something that’s ingrained in everything we do,” said Master Distiller Chris Morris.

Luigi Bromioli Bach Whisky Crystal Glass - 2 Pack

The Bach range features a faceted design for timeless elegance. Produced with SON.hyx technology, each glass features added strength and durability. Produced with fine rims, these glasses assist to enhance the drinking experience. Made in Italy

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