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Ultimate Hibiki Collector's Bundle - Includes 12/17/21 Yr Old Boxed Bundle

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Ultimate Hibiki Collector's Bundle -

Includes Hibiki 12 Yr Old , Hibiki 17 Yr Old and Hibiki 21 Yr Old in their original boxes.

The 21 Year old is easily one of the most awarded Japanese whisky and the pride of the Suntory stable.

Due to the increasing demand for age-statement Japanese whiskies, you will see more and more non-age statement Japanese whiskies in the market making this one the last opportunities to purchase this highly sought after and extremely rare Hibiki 12 Yr Old, 17 Yr Old and 21 Yr Old.

HIBIKI (響) in Japanese means harmony, and so the name symbolises this unique marriage of malts that has created this highly sought after whisky from Japan.

The 24 faces if the Hibiki bottle signifies the 24 seasons of the age old Japanese calendar and celebrates the ancient tradition of Sekki which has been honoured for centuries. The front label is made form Washi, a hand crafted Japanese paper.

The Hibiki 's popularity grew greatly when the 17 Year-Old was featured in 2003, in the film “Lost In Translation”. In the film, Bill Murry famously coins the term “Suntory Time” while shooting an advertisement while sipping the Hibiki 17.

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