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Slane Irish Whiskey 40% 700 ml with 2 Bonus Karat Whiskey Glasses

Slane Irish Whiskey 40% 700 ml

Slane Irish Whiskey takes many of its complex and smooth qualities from our signature Triple Casked process. Whiskey is aged in three varieties of casks: Virgin and Seasoned casks raised by hand at the venerated Brown-Forman Cooperages – and Oloroso sherry casks by way of Jerez in Spain. Once the liquid has been aged to perfection, it is masterfully blended to create an exceptional Irish whiskey.

Smooth, complex and robust. Slane Irish Whiskey marries toasted grain and malt whiskeys with the distinctive flavours of each cask.

Smooth with notes of oak and spice, each sip represents a journey through the wild countryside and the chance to uncover the subtle layers of the whiskey's complex character.

Spirits Whisky Glass - Karat Whisky Glass - 2 Pack

Featuring a classic cut effect for a timeless appearance these nostalgic Whisky spirits tumbler are also extremely durability. These spirits glass are perfect for enjoying your whiskey glass or cocktail.


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