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Plantation Rum Xaymaca 43% 700ml

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Plantation Rum Xaymaca 43% 700ml

Xaymaca Special Dry is a blend of rums distilled in the old John Dore pot still at Long Pond and the Vendôme at Clarendon. The idea is to boldly assert the powerful and expressive character of these rums.


Nose: Very complex, slightly smoky and meaty with fruity, herbal and sour notes building up. Next vanilla come forward, almost pastry-like, with cooked banana, bitter orange peel and ripe pineapple.

Palate: Dry, with a more floral and fruitier profile of rose water, soursop, pear, white grape, apricot and sugar-apple. Next some coconut milk, balsam, allspices, bread and nuts emerge.


Xaymaca Special Dry is an excellent tasting rum, to be enjoyed like a great dry whisky or with a large ice cube and even a splash of pure water to reveal its smoky aromas.

It is also delicious in cocktails, the signtaure is the Xaymaca Collins. For a refreshing drink, pour 5ml of Xaymaca Special Dry, 2ml of simple syrup and 2ml of lime juice into a glass filled with ice cubes, stir, top with soda, and drink!

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