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Personalised NON 7 Stewed Cherry & Coffee 0% 750ml

Personalised NON 7 Stewed Cherry & Coffee 0% 750ml


VEGAN CERTIFIED. gluten-free. halal.

SERVE: chilled in a wine glass

FOOD PAIRING: dark chocolate (v), stuffed mushrooms (v, vg), charcuterie

OCCASION: afternoon pick-me-up, dinner parties, winter hangouts

CONTAINS CAFFEINE: 37mg per bottle (avg cup of coffee = 100mg)



Rich dark fruits, spiced nose, undertones of coffee



FRUIT: cherry & spice mix is “stewed” in oven for 2 hours to create a jam blend of bloomed spices and caramelised cherries.


TANNIN: cold brew coffee gives a chocolate finish and adds tannin.

SALINITY: murray river salt provides salinity and creates a moorish sensation.

ACID: verjus from semillon grapes from the barossa valley, australia.

BALANCE: no added sugar.

CAFFEINE: 5% of a cup of coffee per glass.

Region: Melbourne, Australia
Winemaker: William Wade

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