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Personalised Lark Distillery Cask Strength Whisky 58% 500ml

Personalised Lark Distillery Cask Strength Whisky 58% 500ml

LARK CASK STRENGTH SINGLE MALT WHISKY 500ml 58% Distilled, bottled and labelled by hand in the heart of the Coal River Valley, our Cask Strength 58% is shaped and carved by oldstyle Lark. A wild and distinctive reflection of the Tasmanian landscape and the pioneering spirit of our makers. Cask Strength 58% features big flavours of dried fruit and butterscotch, a huge port cask influence, and hints of maple syrup with sweet notes of Tasmanian highland peat. Nose: Cinnamon, nutmeg, liquorice and orange peel with vanilla, butterscotch and oaky aromas. Palate: Intense vanilla and Christmas cake sweetness. Citrus and butterscotch flavours with stewed fruits, maple syrup and a hint of Tasmanian peat smoke. Complex citrus and spices give way to oak and stewed fruits. Finish: Citrus, spices and toffee notes develop into a warming finish that stays long after the last sip.

Varietal: Whiskey

Region: Tasmania

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