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Personalised Gentleman Jack and Crystal WhiskyGlass Set Gift Box 700ml 40% ABV

Personalised Gentleman Jack and Glass Set Gift Box 700ml 40% ABV

Gift set Includes
  • Personalised Gentleman Jack 700ml
  • Luigi Bormioli Bach Whisky Crystal Glass - 2 Pack
  • Gentleman Jack Presentation Gift Box

Gentleman Jack 700ml


Created in 1987 as a tribute Mr Jack Daniel himself, Gentleman Jack is known as "the smoother side of Jack". Gentleman Jack is charcoal mellowed not once, but twice for ultimate smoothness. Our hand-crafted barrels are matured exclusively on the lower floors of the barrel house where the climate is less intense for a softer, lighter flavour. Its balanced flavour is perfect for celebrating life's extraordinary occasions, plus all the moments along the way.

Luigi Bromioli Bach Whisky Crystal Glass - 2 Pack

The Bach range features a faceted design for timeless elegance. Produced with SON.hyx technology, each glass features added strength and durability. Produced with fine rims, these glasses assist to enhance the drinking experience.

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