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Personalised Archie Rose Distiller's Strength Gin 52.4% 700mL

Personalised Archie Rose  Distiller's Strength Gin 52.4% 700mL

Archie Rose Distiller's Strength Gin is an overproof Gin, packed with 16 individually distilled botanicals, including fresh NSW pears, rose petals, elderflower, pronounced juniper and honey. Made using the modern 'small batch' distilling technique, each of the 16 botanicals are distilled separately which allows for maximum flavour extraction and ensures the very best facets of each ingredient shines. Distinguished, punchy, complex and balanced with a higher strength.

Awards: Silver - Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2020. Gold Medal - Los Angeles International Spirits Competition 2018. Double Gold - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018. Silver Medal - New York World Wine & Spirits Competition 2017. Bronze Medal - American Distilling Institute (ADI) 2018. Bronze - Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2021.

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