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Libbey Flashback Heavy Whisky Glass in a Presentation Box - 2 Pack

Libbey Flashback Heavy Whisky Glass in a Gift Box - 2 Pack


Honor the age when it was okay to start sipping once you arrived at work in the morning and not having a decanter full of bourbon in the office was sacrilege. These old fashioned glasses honor the mid-century lifestyle of Madison Avenue's most influential ad executives. Textured with retro ridges and a thick base, Libbey Flashback Heavy Whisky glass elevates your drinking experience. Made from professional quality glass, these whisky glasses offer durability and a timeless style, which makes them ideal for elegant events, bars or enjoying your tipple at home.


- professional grade

- breakage and scratch resistant

- highly durable

- Weight: 500 grams

- Total Capacity: 355 ml

- Packed in a beautiful gift box

- Made in Australia

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