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Garden Tiger Gin 47% 500ml

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Garden Tiger Gin 47% 500ml

“Voted as 2017 Spirit of the Year”

This is a small batch gin production, about 200 bottles per release. The gin was made from 34 botanicals with the highest standard of attention to detail and care for each and every ingredient by Barney Wilczak, who established his distillery in 2014. Whilst Barney keeps the ingredients as secret, we can certainly spot the Sicillian Tarocco blood orange as the hero of the flavour profile, plus a local lime (non-citrus).

Individual varieties of fruits are only distilled in years where the quality reaches the highest levels. This includes working with the ripening process by day and by hour, only choosing to collect the best each plant or tree has to offer. These are truly rare and beautiful things demanding huge amounts of delicate materials.

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