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Speakeasy Gin and Tonic Glass 580ml Gift Boxed - 2 Pack

Speakeasy Gin and Tonic Glass 580ml Gift Boxed

The Speakeasy Gin Glass pays homage to the speakeasy era, during the prohibition era in the United States.

This exquisite glass boasts a wide, balloon-shaped bowl that tapers towards the top, capturing and concentrating the aromas of your favorite gin. The stem on the speakeasy gin glass ensures that your drink stays cool for longer, while the thin lip provides an unparalleled drinking experience. Sip and savor every nuance of your gin cocktail, from the first fragrant notes to the last lingering finish. It’s timeless design and superior quality make it a must-have for any gin connoisseur and a stunning addition to your glassware collection.

Speakeasy era -

Gin was a particularly popular choice during the speakeasy era, due in part to its easy production process and the fact that it could be infused with a variety of flavours to mask the taste of the low-quality alcohol that was often used. These secret gin joints, known as speakeasies, became a hub of creativity and innovation in the world of cocktails.

Speakeasy gin culture influenced the development of the modern cocktail scene and the rise of gin as a popular spirit. Today, many bars and restaurants still offer classic gin cocktails such as the martini, gin fizz, and gimlet, paying homage to the speakeasy era and its impact on the world of mixology.

Upgrade your gin-drinking experience with the Speakeasy Gin Glass.

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