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Sullivans Cove OLD & RARE AMERICAN OAK Aged 18 Years SINGLE CASK HH0107

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This is one of the oldest and rarest Sullivan’s Cove Single Cask Single Malt Whisky ever bottled which makes it one of the sought after Australian Single Malt available.

The HH0107 was distilled in the final days of the last millennium (December 1999), and decanted in June of 2018 after a maturation of eighteen years and seven months, making this the oldest single cask whisky ever released by Sullivans Cove at the time. Aged in a single, 200L American oak ex-bourbon cask, the final whisky yield was only 208 bottles at 47.4% abv.

Each bottle comes in a unique, hand made, solid oak presentation box, and includes a letter of authenticity signed by Head Distiller Patrick Maguire and Production Manager Heather Tillott. Whiskies of this age are incredibly rare in the still-young Australian whisky industry, so these few bottles represent a literal liquid history for you to enjoy.

Nose: The scent of coconut slice and lemon blossom make the mouth water from the first smell, followed by a rainforest song of waxy flowers, wet earth, green leaves and toasted nuts.


Palate: Waxy bananas, orange peel, coconut, strawberries and cream lollies alongside gingerbread, cacao nibs, sourdough bread crumbs and a consistent  note of pineapple.


Finish: Toasted nuts, vanilla, aniseed and coconut, riding on a wave of pineapple all the way to the horizon.

About Sullivan’s Cove Old & Rare American Oak

Old & Rare American Oak is matured for a minimum of sixteen years in American oak casks previously used to age bourbon. This single cask whisky displays incredible complexity and length of palate; rich, oaky and hugely textural while still retaining the unmistakable brightness and character of Sullivans Cove’s unique spirit. Winner of "World's Best Single Cask Single Malt" at the World Whiskies Awards in 2018.

Each bottle is presented in a unique, hand-made, solid wood presentation box and includes a letter of authenticity hand signed by our Head Distiller Heather Tillott. An incredible rarity and a milestone for both Sullivans Cove and the Australian Whisky Industry, these whiskies are a true piece of Australian whisky history.


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