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Bruno Rocca Barbaresco Riserva Curra 2014 14.5% 750ml

Bruno Rocca Barbaresco Riserva Curra 2014 14.5% 750ml

Expert Review:
MONICA LARNER- 94 Points, Bruno Rocca and his family have recently started a Riserva program that allows us to enjoy his wines six years after the harvest. The 2014 Barbaresco Riserva Currà has evolved over this time to show soft and silky tannins, with light fruit tones, spice, blue flower and grilled herbs that dance around the perimeter of the bouquet. This wine focuses on the smaller details of Nebbiolo, its streamlined texture and the fragile aromas of the grape. The wine has aged in oak for 30 months and comes out boasting beautiful clarity and integration as a result. This vintage shows an extremely fine and seamless side of the grape.

In the late 1950s, Bruno Rocca's father Francesco, and his wife Maria Adelaide purchased a vineyard in Rabajà and moved there from the centre of Barbaresco. This marked the beginning, in particular for Bruno, who from a very early age began to view the grapes as the true expression of the land. In 1978 Bruno decided to carve out a new direction, rather than selling the grapes to large barbaresco producers, Bruno began to sell bottled wine on the Italian and world stage. The philosophy of wine as the natural expression of the Barbaresco territory was widely appreciated, and with the estate's gradual growth came the purchase of new plots of land and the expansion of the cellar, which continues to today with Bruno's children Francesco and Luisa now both closely involved in all aspects of the wine production and sales. The Bruno Rocca company philosophy is clear, as Rocca himself affirms: Wine is the mirror and soul of the ground, and the territory, if protected and defended, it will never let you down.

Variety: Nebbiolo
Region: Barbaresco, Piedmont, Italy
Winemaker: Francesco Rocca

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