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Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin 42% 700mL

Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin 42% 700mL

Signature Dry Gin is our contemporary Australian take on a classic dry gin and the cornerstone gin in the Archie Rose Signature Range of core spirits. Re-imagined six years after its launch, this spirit delivers more complexity, and character, and highlights the most incredible botanical ingredients available today. 

Our botanicals were carefully distilled in our one-of-a-kind copper vacuum stills, using our unique cold distillation process to eliminate the adverse impacts of heat and create botanical distillates of clarity and distinct flavour.

Featuring eight individually distilled botanicals, including sunrise lime and Geraldton waxflower, both native to Western Australia, and Dorrigo Pepperleaf sourced from Northern NSW, this spirit unites the east and west coasts to deliver a quintessentially Australian dry gin that offers a complex array of flavours.

Cornerstone aromatics of lime, citrus and pepper join a solid juniper backbone, while flavours of stonefruit, fresh garden herbs, pine and subtle eucalyptus are rich and expressive with a persistent and lingering finish. The Signature Dry Gin bottle has also been updated to include a new neck collar and beautiful eucalyptus green label. 

A traditionally inspired dry gin with a unique Archie Rose touch, Signature Dry Gin is Australia's modern classic gin, re-imagined.

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