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Tanglin Orchid Gin 700 ml Includes Free ONE StrangeLove Tonic & Speakeasy Gin Tonic Glass

Tanglin Orchid 42% 700ml

We like to call this is an old-world modern gin. The pine of the Juniper is unmistakably there and the herbaceous flavour notes come from classic gin botanicals. But the twist comes from Indian Amchoor the powdered form of green unripe mango which adds an extra citrus note.

StrangeLove Tonic

Bold and beautiful, this premium, Australian tonic water uses raw, unrefined cinchona bark to create an earthy, rich bitterness that simply can't be found elsewhere. Emboldened by bold strokes of orange peel and fragrant rosemary, we finished this masterpiece with a pinch of sea salt, because sometimes that's just what you do.

Libbey Speakeasy Gin and Tonic Glass

The Gin & Tonic SPKSY cocktail made by Leroy Soumokil, bartender at Mystique bar & dining in Amsterdam. A great cocktail and its glass is like a great lady and her wardrobe Leroy Soumokil