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Vivid Lights Edition Wine & Spirits

Personalised Royal Dragon Gold Leaf Vivid Lights Vodka 700ml

Personalised Royal Dragon Gold Leaf Vivid Lights Edition Vodka 700ml

Royal Dragon is a unique Vodka concept with a different approach, combining the best ingredients from around the World – Superior 5 x distilled Vodka, Swiss Gold, the Asian Dragon, Diamonds from Belgium, Italian packaging and Dutch Design.

Royal Dragon is the ultimate expression of Superior Vodka. A smaller batch Vodka, exclusively distilled with a Russian formula from the finest winter harvest rye. To achieve the elemental softness and purity, our Vodka is five times distilled, using a century old copper pot still. This is Superior Craftsmanship in all its elements. An award winning Vodka and a true masterpiece on its own. The Superior taste and our magnificent hand-blown bottles, including a masterly sculpted dragon, defines the Imperial as the ultimate temptation.

To celebrate the exclusive feeling, the Imperial Vodka is infused with the highest quality edible 23 carat gold leaves from Switzerland; the finest choice for those who like to enjoy an unmatched level of perfection.

Vivid Lights Edition: Don't just settle for the ordinary - experience the extraordinary with our unique range of Vivid Lights where every bottle is infused with fun, excitement and a touch of magic! Designed to dazzle and delight, our exclusive collection of finely curated spirits with integrated LED lights will elevate your drinking experience and add a splash of joy to your festivities.



1 x Royal Dragon Vodka 700ml

Integrated Coloured LED Lights that can be turned on and off

Button Battery Warning – Keep batteries out of reach of children

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Beyond expectations

Absolutely gorgeous stunning quality product
Absolutely perfect birthday present that is personalised and top quality for very little price
Definitely will be buying again

Great product, beautiful engraving

Thank you for the beautiful engraving on this bottle. The bottle itself was also beautiful. And just perfect for the 50th birthday present this was purchased for. Thanks again for the great product and amazing customer service!!! Highly recommend this business and specifically this product!!!

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