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Tanglin Gin - GinNation Event Special

First Gin Distillery in Singapore Inspired by the Colourful Flavours of Asia

In 2018, Tanglin opened the First Gin distillery in Singapore. Singapore has a vibrant history as a stop on the Spice Trade Route and now finally its own Gin.
Distilleries in Asia are on the rise and Tanglin is leading the way as the most awarded gin in Asia.

A True Asian Gin’s

Orchid Gin Dry Juniper forward spirit smooth handcrafted spirit. Whole Vanilla beans from Indonesia are Vapour infused, Amchoor (dried
mango) imparts a sharp citrus note.

Stunning in a Martini or a perfect Tanglin and Tonic

Mandarin Chilli Gin is Modern Contemporary Citrus Gin, Nine Botanicals including Mandarin, Chilli, Kaffir Lime and Young Ginger.

A modern Negroni, as sublime Contessa or a soul lifting Red Snapper