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The Story of Overeem Whisky

The Overeem Distillery began as a family-owned and operated business, headed by Casey Overeem. Casey’s interest in the industry started back in the early 1980’s when he had his first experience of distilling at a relative’s house in Norway. “Many people had micro-distilleries in their cellars and I really admired them, so I started experimenting when I got home” said Casey.

Following years of research and experimentation, Overeem Whisky emerged: a refined whisky of grace and style. A new world whisky crafted to rival the old.

Every Overeem Whisky expression is exclusively single cask, handcrafted single malt, and patiently matured in carefully selected 100L French and American Oak casks. Meticulously hand-bottled, numbered and limited in edition means every time you enjoy a glass of Overeem Single Malt Whisky you are not only savouring one of a kind; you are experiencing a one of a kind piece of Tasmania.