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Bunnahabhain Distillery

Bunnahabhain, which translates as ‘mouth of the river’ is an unusual Islay distillery as its core expressions are largely non-peated. Without the veil of strong and smoky peat that the Whisky Isle’s malts are known for, Bunnahabhain allows the distillery’s remote location to shine through in the character of its whisky.

Maturing all of its malts on site in its seaside warehouses perched on the rugged coastline of the Sound, Bunnahabhain has a long, salt- sprayed history with the sea leaving an indelible mark on every bottle of whisky crafted there.

Bunnahabhain’s award-winning portfolio of malts have been recognised across the globe for their salty brine and light complexity owed to its coastal location on the Sound of Islay.

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