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Tanglin Orchid Gin 42% 700 ml - 6 Pack

Tanglin Orchid Gin 42% 700 ml - Twin Pack 

After more than a year of testing different botanical combinations comes the introduction of Tanglin Gin.

We like to call this is an old-world modern gin. The pine of the Juniper is unmistakably there and the herbaceous flavour notes come from classic gin botanicals. But the twist comes from Indian Amchoor – the powdered form of green unripe mango which adds an extra citrus note. And then come to our not so secret ingredient (the clue is in the name, Orchid Gin). But it’s not used in the way you might think; we use two forms of orchid. Firstly, Dendrobium nobile Lindl which is Shi Hu in Pinyin. The botanical is added in a powdered form of the dried stalk, mirroring its prominent use in Chinese Medicine where it was first described in Shen Nong’s Herbal Classics written about 2500 years ago.

Legend has it that the juice of dendrobium can resurrect the dead, and is No.1 of the 9 ‘Chinese immortality herbs.

The second form of Orchid comes from the ‘fruit’ of the Vanilla Orchid. Whole Vanilla beans are used in the Gin Column, adding a smooth richness to the flavour.

And finally, Organic Oranges add a highlight sweetness of citrus.

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