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Sullivan’s Cove American Oak Second Fill Single Cask TD0121 47.5% 700ml

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Sullivan’s Cove American Oak Second Fill Single Cask TD0121

Bottle Number 66

Unlike our standard American Oak Single cask, which is aged in ex-bourbon barrels, this single cask whisky is matured in casks previously used to age an older batch of Sullivans Cove single malt. Originally commissioned  in the mid 1990s as virgin casks, they were first filled with our single malt, then decanted, re-charred and refilled. Over a decade later, this whisky is the result, with a unique flavour profile of soft oak that really allows Sullivans Cove's unique spirit character to shine through.

" There's a heap of nuance going on here, with many delicious layers. Deep dive for an intellectual dram, or stay light and enjoy the fun ride!" - Heather Tillott, Head Distiller

Batch Information

American Oak Second Fill Single Cask TD0121 was distilled in August of 2006 and decanted in January of this year maturing at fourteen years and five months in a single, 300L American oak cask previously filled with an older batch of Sullivans Cove Single Malt Whisky.



Tasting Notes:


Bright energy shoots from the glass: woody spices and a bag of dried fruit and nuts. Glacé pineapple and dried mango, canned peaches. Dusty coconut, peanut butter and sandalwood ground the brighter notes with some earthiness.


Excellent thick, textural entry. Coconut, dried apricot, and loads of nougat. Roasting almonds, a fun splash of thyme, cloves and a touch of tobacco. Green RSL jelly and toffee apple.


Raspberry jam, white chocolate and a dusting of cocoa. Macadamia nuts, nougat again, peaches and coconut cream. Quite a lovely, deep fudgey malt character. The lasting length is a vanilla custard flavour (no complaints here!).



Cask Number TD0121

14.5 years old

47.5% ALC/VOL


Made in Tasmania

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