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Roof Rye 43% 500ml

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Roof Rye 43% 500ml

The first French rye Whisky. Distilled twice in pot still, matured 6 years at the distillery and then 18 months in a virgin American oak cask (heavily toasted) in Aubagne, near Marseille where the climate is very intense and dry: high temperature in summer and very low in winter.

MATURATION: Double matured in Bretagne and in Marseille. Heavily toasted new American oak.

NOSE: Very fruity, dried fruits, oak, citrus, vanilla and caramel.

PALATE: Oak notes with dried fruit, custard chocolate and rye spices, earthiness. Unique oiliness.

FINISH: Spicy and creamy finish with light coffee notes.


Only 30 bottles in Australia.

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