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Rêverie Chardonnay 2020 13% 750ml

Rêverie Chardonnay 2020 13% 750ml

Harvested during the night to keep the acid levels at their optimum, the grapes are pressed and the first juices are selected to enhance the wine's golden colour. The fermentation is led between 12 to 17 degrees, on French oak to empower the Chardonnay roundness. Once ferment is complete the wine is bottled and aged until due for release.

Rêverie wines come from a land full of history. It is produced in the Southern French Languedoc-Roussillon, along the Mediterranean coastline. This region benefits from the Mediterranean climate, with the northern mountains of the Pyrenees embrace the vineyards of the Pays d’Oc like an amphitheatre. The coastline borders the region in the South and boasting views of beaches and vast expanses of vineyards with windswept soils. The landscape is made up of steep slopes, hilly peaks, vineyards, vegetation and the sea. The region’s humidity and cool temperatures are partnered with hot dry summers allowing the vineyards to produce perfect maturity in the grapes packed with fruity aromas. Thanks to a heritage of over 2000 years of winemaking traditions and an integration of climates, reliefs and soils, this region is home to a diversity of extraordinary wines. It is the patchwork of wine growing areas in Pays d’Oc that creates an expression of these grape varieties that are unique. This allows us to produce a versatile range of wines reflective of the region.

Variety: Chardonnay
Region: Multi-Regional France
Winemaker: Marilyn Lasserre

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