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Personalised Smirnoff Double Black Vodka 40%ABV 700ml

Personalise the Smirnoff Double Black Vodka 40%ABV

Smirnoff's Double Black is an incredibly bold spirit, distilled multiple times to refine and smooth the flavours using Smirnoff's patented double-free distilling method. This results in a more refined, complex, and smoother taste, full strength, and flavour. It's a great mixing vodka, perfect as a base for a wide range of cocktails, as it has the boldness to make a great foundation for layers of flavours. It has a hint of bubbly citrus notes, featuring fresh lemon and line, and a hint of sweetness. Mix with an orange-flavoured liqueur and your favourite kind of juice and shake with ice for a refreshing martini-style cocktail.

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