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Personalised Gentleman Jack 1000ml with Limited Edition Collectable Wooden Cradle

Personalise this Limited Edition Gentleman Jack 1000ml with Collectable Wooden Cradle - Exclusive to The Wine Providore

Gentleman Jack is the premium expression of Jack Daniel’s Tennesee whiskey inspired by the original gentleman distiller and founder of the distillery. Gentleman Jack has been double charcoal mellowing meaning it’s been filtered through charcoal prior to the barrel being filled. The Gentleman Jack expresses a deeper complexity, balanced flavour and exceptional smoothness.

The limited edition collectable wooden cradle has been designed specifically for the 1L Gentleman Jack bottle. This is a great gift to celebrate life’s extraordinary occasions for the discerning whiskey drinker and an incredible addition for home bar!

Each cradle is craft using genuine Jack Daniel's American oak barrels. The uprights holding the bottle are the staves of the barrel complete with inside char.

The plaque on the front of each cradle is individually numbered.

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