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Personalised Campbells Isabella Rare Rutherglen Topaque 17.5% 375ml Gift Boxed

Personalised Campbells Isabella Rare Rutherglen Topaque 17.5% 375ml Gift Boxed

The pinnacle of the Campbells family of wines, this rare drop is the richest, most complex and complete wine on offer.

Delectable aromas of malt and honey melt with subtle hints of tea leaves and raisins; the signature notes of Rutherglen Tokay. Full, mellow honeyed flavours and lingering complex rancio oak characters typical of the style balance seamlessly with fruit sweetness and drying tannin. It’s best enjoyed on its own, but if you do want to partner with food, try with coffee and petits fours or rich Almond Butter Balls.

Tasting Notes: An old bottle of this wine, bottled before the words Rare or Topaque came into usage. Deep, dense, glass-staining brown-amber colour with a yellow-green rim. The bouquet is a riot of malt extract, burnt sugar, toffee and cold tealeaves, and it is syrupy and dense in the mouth, with wonderful lusciousnes and tremendous persistence. A glorious old liqueur tokay.

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