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Personalised Breganze Savardo Pinot Grigio 2018 12.5% 750ml

Personalised reganze Savardo Pinot Grigio 2018 12.5% 750ml

One of Italy’s trademark wine styles, this light-bodied pinot grigio is intensely floral with acacia blossom fragrance and hints of exotic fruits. Juicy but crisp and dry, it’s full of wonderfully zesty and refreshing apple and pear fruit flavours. Serve it well chilled with a variety of shellfish and fish dishes such as scampi risotto, grilled fish, salt and pepper squid or vegetable lasagne.

The Breganze DOC extends across the entire expanse of low hills between Bassano and Thiene in the north of the Commune of Vicenza, an excellent microclimate for growing grapes. The gravelly soils over calcareous, alluvial sub-soils , containing the all important volcanic components, result in excellent fruit for the winemakers of this the largest and most highly regarded cooperative in the region. The technical team is led by Elvio Forato and Luca Tessoro in the winery, with Alberto Brazzale working closely with the coop members in the vineyards, including the organization of study trips to leading European wine regions.

Variety: Pinot Grigio 
Region: Breganze, Veneto, Italy
Winemaker: Elvio Forato & Luca Tessoro

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