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Personalised Alkoomi Collection Riesling 2023 12% 750ml

Personalised Alkoomi Collection Riesling 2023 12% 750ml




Citrus sorbet, elderflower cocktail.



Lime zest, lemon blossoms, musk, jasmine.



Estate-grown fruit, early morning harvest, fermented in stainless steel. Fine tuned blend, free run juice from selected parcels.



A dry Winter and very cold Spring followed by warm Summer days meant slow ripening. We had controlled irrigation and a late Autumn harvest from healthy, plush canopies.



Freshly shucked oysters, blue cheese, quince paste, marinated olives.


An unusually dry Winter followed by scattered Spring showers that led into a Summer characterised by warm days and cool nights. This resulted in a steady ripening period for the fruit before harvesting began in Autumn from vibrant and luscious canopies.

Frankland River icon, Alkoomi, is owned and operated by Sandy and Rod Hallett who have been nurturing and growing the family business over the past 11 years to create authentic wines and continue the family legacy of more than 50 years of grape farming. Thought to be derived from local indigenous language – Alkoomi, meaning 'a place we chose', was established in 1946 as a grain and livestock farm by Sandy's grandparents, Vic and Netta Lange. With the first vines planted in a bold venture by Sandy’s parents, Merv and Judy Lange, in 1971 the journey of Alkoomi wines began. The family today grows a wide range of different grape varieties perfectly suited to the cool, continental climate of Frankland River. Their vineyard practices are respectful to the land and they are always adapting and evolving their techniques, technology and methods to be as low impact and sustainable as possible.

Variety:  Riesling1
Region: Frankland River, Western Australia
Winemaker: Andrew Cherry

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