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Milk & Honey Levantine Gin 46% 700ml

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Milk & Honey Levantine Gin 46% 700ml

The Levantine Gin starts the same as the single malt series – 100% pure malted barley that’s mashed in-house and distilled in a pot still.

Then the team adds a heap of Juniper and botanicals, hand-sourced from Tel Aviv's Levinsky market: hyssop, lemon peel, orange, chamomile, verbena, cinnamon, and black pepper.

The botanicals are then left to rest in the still for 48 hours and then distill for the third time in the 250L pot still, for extra smoothness.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma - Delicate notes of juniper berries, lemon and hyssop.

Palate - Delicate botanical tastes, with juniper and lemon being the dominant notes.

Finish - Medium-bodied, a little oily. Long, lemony finish.

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