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Ledaig 1998 Marsala

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Ledaig 1998 Marsala

ABV: 55.8%

This peated Ledaig Limited Edition expression has been finished in Marsala wine casks creating a beautifully sweet dram, with a creamy mouthfeel, a hint of dried fruit, sweet grape and a lingering toffee and smoke finish. Limited to 1126 bottles, this limited edition has been bottled at cask strength - 55.8% abv and is natural colour and non-chill filtered.

Colour: Rich red gold
Nose: Sweet peat, vanilla and citrus with hints of sweet grape and dried fruit.
Palate: Sweet creamy mouthfeel, with a hint of toffee and dried fruit, developing into a smoky almost medicinal character – unusual for peppery Ledaig.
Finish: Toffee and smoke.

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