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KOVAL Single Barrel Oat Whiskey 40%, 750ml

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100% Oat | Unfiltered | Heart cut | Organic.

“We wanted to work with alternative grains to really showcase the difference in flavours, as well as produce spirits that were as bright and clean as they are unique,” says Dr. Sonat Birnecker Hart, President of KOVAL Distillery.

KOVAL believes that the best spirits must come from the best ingredients. The grains are sourced from organic Midwestern farms, supporting the local economy and sustainable agriculture. All enzymes and yeast used in production are non-GMO, and the water—an essential ingredient in distillation—is sourced from Lake Michigan using a natural charcoal purification method.

The Koval Single Barrel Oat aged in new American oak from Minnesota. Only the “heart cut” of the distillate, no “heads” or “tails.” Grains sourced from a local organic farmer collective in the Midwest.

Primary notes of caramel and oats with a rich, creamy finish.

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