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Killara Distillery Triple Juniper Apothecary Gin 40% 500ml

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Triple Juniper Apothecary Gin 40% 500ml

Distilled at Killara Distillery in Goodwood by second generation Australian Distiller, Kirsty Booth-Lark, Triple Juniper Apothecary Gin is a small batch, hand crafted gin that has the same ten botanicals as the Original Apothecary Gin but with three times the amount of juniper!! This gives a big juniper kick right up the front that lingers. Fantastic in cocktails, with your favourite mixer or over ice with a slice of strawberry for those that love extra juniper.

Killara Distillery is one of the few distilleries world-wide to be owned and operated by a female. Killara is a boutique distillery producing premium quality, hand crafted single malt whisky and other premium spirits.

Each barrel of new make whisky spirit is batch produced in the 600-litre copper pot still. With a strong focus on quality, all products are being made and bottled by hand. Killara Distillery strives to source all the ingredients locally as well as utilising the services other local businesses like the still maker and the cooper.

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