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Jack Daniels 150th Super Premium 1000ml

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Jack Daniels 150th Super Premium 1000ml

To celebrate our 150th Anniversary, this special Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey brings together the best of our distillers' and our coopers' art. All of the touches and attention to detail throughout the barreling and maturing process make for a Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey worthy of a milestone celebration. Barreled and bottled at 100 proof, the result is a delicious, complex whiskey with the rich flavor finding its way to your glass; a taste of history in the making.

We all have our anniversaries. They allow us to honor the important events in our lives and to ensure the lessons of the past are not forgotten. At the Jack Daniel Distillery, this anniversary means all that...and a little something more. For us, an anniversary means we’ve been able to produce the world’s favorite whiskey one way, in one place, for 150 years and counting. This limited-edition bottle contains 100 proof Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey from high toast, low char barrels.

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