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Elements of Islay, Lp8 Full Proof, 53.5% 500ml

Elements of Islay, Lp8 Full Proof, 53.5% 500ml

Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky


A marriage of a trio of ex-Madeira wine casks from 1998, Lp8 promises a beautifully sweet and smoky Laphroaig, giving a slightly softer edge to what is known as the typically medicinal Islay whisky.



CORE FLAVOUR: Dark fruit and aromatic smoke.

NOSE: Brine and freshly laid tar are followed by prunes and dates. Classic medicinal notes of TCP mix with blood orange.

PALATE: A cloak of dense, dark fruit and sooty smoke is draped over zesty grapefruit and dry spices. Cardamom and nutmeg mix with dark chocolate-filled lime boiled sweets.

FINISH: More classic medicinal notes, with smoke and salt-encrusted mackerel skins to follow.



The Elements of Islay are a range of iconic, small-batch, expertly sourced independently bottled whiskies.

The Limited Edition range consists of single malt bottlings from individual Islay distilleries identified with periodic symbols and batch numbers (Lp1, Ar2, and so on).

They are bottled either as single casks or as small batches between 3 and 20 carefully selected casks.

These expressions celebrate the distilleries’ individual character while presenting a balanced and characterful whisky bottled at full proof. 

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