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El Jimador Anejo Tequila 100% Agave 700ml

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El Jimador Anejo 100% Agave 700ml

El Jimador is a premium, authentic tequila from Casa Herradura, est. 1870 that captures the spirit of real tequila. Since its introduction, El Jimador has become the No.1 selling 100% agave tequila in Mexico, because tequila experts know quality tequila.

Made from 100% blue agave and estate bottled, El Jimador borrows its name from the experienced farmer who cultivates the blue agave that is the foundation of El Jimador tequila. His knowledge and passion are key to the production process of creating the exceptionally smooth and balanced taste of El Jimador.

El Jimador Anejo is a tequila that has been aged in barrels a minimum of one year, but less than three years. More time in the barrel produces its deep copper color.

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