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Cotswolds Dry Gin 46% 700ml INCLUDES ONE Speakeasy Gin and Tonic Glass

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Cotswolds Dry Gin 46% 700ml INCLUDES ONE Speakeasy Gin and Tonic Glass

IWSC Gold Award winning gin 2017

Produced in small batches, this is handmade gin with no corners cut.

Distilled with nine carefully considered botanicals, the Cotswolds Dry Gin is a London Dry with an aromatic twist. We distil juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, local lavender, bay leaf, hand-peeled fresh lime and pink grapefruit zest, cardamom and black peppercorn in our copper pot still, resulting in a rich and robust, award-winning gin.

A delectable blend of nine carefully considered botanicals, including lavender from here in the Cotswolds. This IWSC Gold Award winning gin is clean and balanced with juniper and citrus notes. Great served with tonic or on ice.

Tasting notes

Nose: fresh notes of grapefruit with earthy coriander backed-up by sweet, piney juniper. A hint of perfumed Cotswolds lavender.

Palate: clean, pine juniper spice with fresh citrussy grapefruit. A touch of dryness from the angelica root, with eucalyptus notes from bay leaf. Subtle lime and lavender.

Finish: Clean and balanced. Juniper, citrus and some cooling notes from bay leaf and cardamom.

The Gin & Tonic SPKSY cocktail made by Leroy Soumokil, bartender at Mystique bar & dining in Amsterdam. “A great cocktail and its glass is like a great lady and her wardrobe”. –Leroy Soumokil-

Try this yummy recipe


50ml gin

10ml Grapefruit juice

1 dash of lemon bitters

Top up with tonic water


Start with filling the Libbey SPKSY Balloon glass with ice. Secondly add the gin, juice, bitters and tonic. Give it a light stir and garnish. Add grapefruit and lemon zest as garnish.

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