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Big River Distilling Co. 3 Grain Vodka 6pack 40% 700ml

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Big River Distilling Co. 3 Grain Vodka 6pack 40% 700ml

The palate is initially smooth, with a spicy mid-palate due to the rye, finishing with a rounded, slightly viscous mouthfeel & clean aftertaste.

Big River Distilling Co. was founded in Australia’s National Capital, Canberra. When European settlers were exploring the Canberra region they went in search of ‘The Big River’. They came across the Murrumbidgee, where it meanders through the Brindabella Mountains, close to Canberra. The uniqueness comes not only from the quality of the water and botanical ingredients, but also in the experience and knowledge of founder, Clyde Morton. Starting his career as a Nuclear Physicist, his passion for exploration and creative instincts took him out of physics and into winemaking, and then onto distilling. Clyde’s scientific curiosity, winemaking and judging background, gives Big River Distilling a unique capability rare in the distilling world.

Region: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
Winemaker: Clyde Morton

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