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Benromach Chateau Cissac 2009 45% 700ml

MATURATION: This beautiful Benromach Wood Finish is matured in First Fill Bourbon casks and is finished for 25 months in hand-selected casks from the illustrious Château Cissac within the Appellation Haut-Médoc Contrôlée in South-western France.
Pour a good dram into a glass, noticing the dark gold colour, swirl it around and take some little sniffs to enjoy the Aroma without Water... the fabulous influence of the Château Cissac casks will be immediately apparent, with melon notes, red apples, delicate and zesty orange peel and dark chocolate. There’s also an underlying floral note and a delightful charred oak edge... the Benromach signature.
Now take a sip and enjoy the Taste without Water. It’s slightly peppery on the palate with sweet vanilla, creamy milk chocolate... there’s even refreshing lemon and limeade flavours with a nod and a wink towards the effervescent. Satisfying hints of red wine tannins emerge, complementing a lingering peat smoke.
Now add some water, swirl it around and savour the Aroma with Water. There are hints of pressed green apple and pear... and delicate oak aromas develop, complemented by the lingering peppermint.
Take a good sip and roll it around your mouth enjoying the Taste with Water. At first you’ll sense some spiciness and cracked black pepper. A slight bitterness develops, with grapefruit and orange peel. Now you may detect deeper hints of bonfire embers, complemented by Brazil nuts and gorgeous cocoa flavours. 

Limited: A limited release of 4200 bottles of Benromach Château Cissac will be available.

Strength 45%
Vintage 2009
Bottled 2017
Cask Type First Fill Bourbon casks, finished for 25 months in casks from Château Cissac
Colour Dark gold
Region Speyside
Distillery Benromach
ABV%: 45
Vol(mL): 700
Country of Origin: Scotland
Cask Type: First Fill Bourbon, Château Cissac
Distilled Year: 2009
Bottled Year: 2017
Age: 8
Item Number:
Standard Drinks: 25

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