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Armorik Dervenn 46% 700 ml

Armorik Dervenn 46% 700 ml

"Dervenn" means oak in Breton language. The distillery has been innovating for 15 years in cooperation with the last Breton cooper in order to create oak barrels from our beautiful Breton forests. Armorik Dervenn is matured in these unique casks, developing subtle woody and spicy aromas.

MATURATION: Matured in Breton oak casks.

NOSE: Rich and complex, a nice balance between leather notes and fruity aromas (peach).

PALATE: Great mouthfeel, very round and sweet. Smoky notes mixing with fruits. More leathery and liquorice notes are developing afterwards.

FINISH: Long and spicy, it reveals the smokiness of the Dervenn.


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